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1. A sex machine some may call him. Usually has bitches talking about how good looking he is and how badly they want to suck his dick and have him cum in their eye.

OMFG. Stefan busted in my eye last night. It tastes like coca-cola. mhhhm good. i love him.
2. If someone is named stefan they will be great lovers and the best bf you will ever have. They are also very talented in many things but especially in sport.

if you ever meet a guy names stefan he will be the coolest person ever.
„Wow i meat this guy called Stefan, hes the coolest guy ever!!“

„my boyfriend Stefan is the best lover ever!“

3. A creature from the Machine world. Forged from the hardest steels of Croatia and the densest irons of Serbia, this unstoppable force destroys all in it’s path. Distantly related to it’s American counter-part, Hugh. Socially inept due to it’s tendancy to kill people. Has a strong dis-like of slags. Hates those of Chinese ethnicity. Has large radar-like ears in order to hear if „the threat from the east“ approaches. Liable to injury, £7 Billion of the taxpayer’s money spent on it’s healthcare.

Random Chinese Man: Hello
Stefan: I’ll crack your skull *checks man through wall*
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    • Morgis Says:

      Das Urban Dictionary kenne ich übrigens schon länger, bloß bin ich nie auf diese Idee gekommen. Wenn man Comics wie XKCD, CAD oder SMBC regelmäßig liest, dann stößt man automatisch auf UD, da man so manch verwendete Begriffe weder auf leo.org noch auf woerterbuch.info findet.

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